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our promise

Cultivating Wellness Through Nature

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We strive to stand out in a way that makes positive waves. We do that by focusing on three integral parts of our family: The People, The Products and The Process.

The People - our Staff and Community we serve. Without any of you we would never be who we are. Which is why we always put you first, in every situation. Our staff undergo weekly trainings to learn about new products and new ways to improve your quality of life.

The Products - we strive to gather the most pure products we can find while also supporting local Minnesotan businesses along the way. In fact 90% of our products are from local brands, processors and farmers. All of our products undergo thorough third party testing to ensure you get the safest and most pure quality.

The Process - we like to call this the Experience. From the moment you walk in our doors you become family. We not only want you to believe in our products and people, but the environment and energy we try so passionately to positively convey. 


We have a simple guarantee:​

We are here to curate a higher quality of life for you. Sometimes a product may not be a direct fit for you or perhaps the product doesn't work at all. In any situation where you feel unsatisifed in anyway; please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will replace, refund or recommend a new product to get you back on track to a higher quality of life.

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